TERMS OF service​

Terms Of Service

Effective Date: 10/01/2023

AssetMindr is designed to complement your property management software by providing a summarized snapshot of key performance indicators (KPIs). Please note that the purpose of AssetMindr is not to replace your property management software but to enhance your decision-making process and aid in problem avoidance by offering a consolidated view of critical data points.
If you need the most precise, updated, and accurate value of a certain data or KPI, we recommend double-checking it directly on your property management software. While AssetMindr relies on this software as its source of information, last-minute changes or alterations to past data may not be reflected on AssetMindr at the moment you are using it.

1. Acceptance of Terms
Welcome to AssetMindr. These Terms of Service (“Terms”) govern your use of our website and services. By accessing or using our platform, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use our platform.
2. Misuse of Information
2.1. Prohibited Use: Users of our platform are strictly prohibited from misusing the information provided. This includes but is not limited to unauthorized access, data manipulation, or any actions that could harm our platform, other users, or third parties.
2.2. User Responsibility: Users are solely responsible for any source data that it’s made available to our platform. You agree not to use our platform for any unlawful, harmful, or malicious purposes.
3. Quality of Information
3.1. User-Provided Data: The quality and accuracy of information, statistics, and data presented by AssetMindr are solely dependent on the quality of the information stored on the property management software, as well as the practices and accuracy of data input by the property management company (or companies). If information is incorrectly stored or not stored at all within the property management software, AssetMindr may display inaccurate information or no information at all. We do not control or guarantee the accuracy, availability, completeness, or reliability of such information.
4. Information Presentation
4.1. Third-Party Data: The information presented on our platform may include data obtained from third-party sources (property management software). We do not endorse, verify, or guarantee the accuracy of such third-party data.
4.2. Dependence on Source Data: The information displayed on our platform is dependent on the quality and accuracy of data provided by users and third-party sources (property management software). We do not have control over the quality or timeliness of this data.
4.3. Information Timing: The information presented on AssetMindr may not be a real-time representation of the data stored on the property management software. AssetMindr fetches information several times a day, but the data you see could have been retrieved several hours ago.
4.4. Last Data Collection: Please keep an eye on the “Last Data Collection” header on the platform. This timestamp provides a reference to when the information you are viewing was last retrieved from the property management software. Be mindful of this timestamp to gauge the recency of the data.
4.3. Past Information changes: The information presented on AssetMindr is based on daily snapshots of data retrieved from the property management software. Please note that we only capture information for the present day, and if any changes or updates occur to past data in the property management software, AssetMindr will not be aware of these changes. We do not perform reconciliations or updates to past information.
5. Not Management Advice
5.1. No Management Advisory: Our platform is not intended to provide Asset management, investment, or legal advice. Any information presented on our platform is for informational purposes only.
5.2. Consultation Advised: Users are strongly advised to consult with qualified professionals, such as Asset Managers or legal experts, before making any operational, financial or legal decisions based on information obtained through our platform.
5.3. Decision impact responsibility: While AssetMindr tracks over 80+ key performance indicators (KPIs) to aid in decision-making, please keep in mind that there may be other variables that affect the decision-making process, (whether or not they are tracked by AssetMindr). We are not responsible for the decisions made by you or your team based on the usage of AssetMindr. Decisions should be made with a comprehensive understanding of all relevant factors, and we recommend consulting with qualified professionals as needed.
6. Limitation of Liability
6.1. No Liability for Misuse: We shall not be liable for any damages, losses, or harm arising from the misuse of information provided on our platform.
6.2. Property Management Software Failures: We are not responsible for any gaps in information that may occur due to failures, interruptions, malfunctions or lack of access to the property management software, including situations where the property management software is unavailable for any reason (unable to access, unable to generate a report). In such cases, there might be gaps in the information presented on AssetMindr, and we will not be able to provide information for the days affected by such unavailability.
7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
7.1. Texas Law: These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas.
7.2. Exclusive Jurisdiction: Any legal action or dispute arising from these Terms shall be exclusively resolved in the state or federal courts located in the State of Texas.
8. Changes to Terms
8.1. Modification: We reserve the right to modify or revise these Terms at any time. Updated Terms will be posted on our website with the effective date.
9. Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms, please contact us at support@assetmindr.com

By using our website and services, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms of Service.

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