About Us​

About Us​

We are a passionate team of multifamily Asset Managers, technology experts, and data enthusiasts dedicated to improving Asset Management performance tracking and data analysis, optimizing multifamily assets whether you are a sole proprietor, a syndicator, have a JV Partnership, or any other type of ownership that uses the most renowned Property Management software.

Founded in early 2023, our journey began when a group of experienced multifamily syndicators and asset managers faced the challenges of tracking and monitoring numerous Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), during the most challenging phase of an industry cycle.

Realizing the need for a data-driven solution that empowers Asset Managers with timely insights, we created AssetMindr, a revolutionary cloud-based platform tailored exclusively for multifamily Asset Management and day-to-day performance tracking. The additional insight achieved with the early versions of AssetMindr was needed to perform not just for achieving investment returns and improving asset values, but also for capital preservation and for reaching important capital events (like a refinance or sale of the multifamily asset).

With over 5 years and 1600+ units of successful multifamily syndication and asset management experience, our team understands the intricacies of this industry, and the importance of past and present performance data when making decisions.

We believe in simplifying your day-to-day asset management operations with a single source of data, liberating your time to focus on strategic analysis and decision-making, and maximizing results. Our platform connects seamlessly to multiple property management software applications, consolidating data from diverse sources into a unified and easy-to-understand dashboard. This standardization empowers you to compare properties regardless of their property management software, streamlining your analysis process.

Our Core Values


We embrace innovation and technology, constantly evolving our platform to stay ahead of the industry’s demands and offer you the best tools for success.


Our user-friendly interface is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that Asset Managers of all expertise levels can access powerful data insights effortlessly.


We believe in transparency and accuracy, presenting updated data and historical records to empower you with a comprehensive view of your multifamily assets’ performance.


Our mission is to empower you by providing digested performance information for a complete understanding of each asset, ultimately enabling you to make best-informed decisions, optimize your time, and increase the profitability of your investments.

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